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Doris Hawkins, President

*Elected to Fletcher Town Council in 1995
*Candidate for Henderson County Tax Collector in 1997
*Girl Scout VP for 10 years as my daughter earned her Gold Award
*Served on the Fletcher Planning Board
*Served on the Henderson County Planning Board
*Served on the Henderson County Mental Health Board
*Worked with the Advance Team welcoming President George Bush to Henderson County
*Working with then GOP Chair Kathy Willis on the first Apple Cobbler event at the NC Apple Festival (raised over $5,000.00) the first year and for many years after that.
*HCRWC Women’s Club President: 2016/2017.  Our Club Received the Diamond Award from the NCFRW 2016
*Women’s Club VP: Two Years
*HCRWC Membership Chair for two years
*Attended a NC Treasure Certification class at the Board of Elections
Doris is married to Henderson County Commissioner Grady Hawkins; they have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and 1 great grandson.

Doris Hawkins


Education: B.F.A from Syracuse University and an Ed. M. from SUNY Buffalo

Professional Life:  Art educator (NY State Certified, K through 12), Costume Design (Meridith Collage), Art Appreciation and Methods (Radford University), Lifestyles editor, a certified personnel consultant, and a costume designer for regional opera.

Volunteer work:  Sunday school teacher and superintendent, lifelong choir member, alter guild, Christmas Bazaar chair, and starting and superintending an Opportunity Center for her church neighbors in inner city Portsmouth, VA.  Past Chairman of the Henderson County Environmental Advisory Board, Parliamentarian in the Henderson County Republican Women’s Club, and a precinct Vice Chair in the HC GOP as well as running an annual Patriot Camp for children.  Also fiduciary responsibility as transition board member for a Condo in VA, officer of the Cary Cultural Arts Association, on the Executive Board of the HCRWC, and as a Vestry Member at All Saints Church in Mills River.  She was also a member and president of her community’s ARB in Cary, NC.

Our Board Of Directors

​​​Judy Abrell


Basic Republican Principles

From its inception in 1854 and from its earliest stands against the oppressive institution of slavery, the Republican Party has defined itself as the protector of individual freedom. Today, 140 years later, we, of the WSU College Republicans, reaffirm our commitment as Republicans in the cause of freedom and liberty. And we redirect our course back to the basic tenets of our common Republican philosophy--a philosophy which includes among its components:

A Belief in Smaller Government: To preserve the sanctity of liberty of the individual, it is our belief that government must necessarily be limited. Otherwise, the paternalism of the few would restrict the freedom of the many to decide what is best for themselves.
Support of the Federalist System of Government: To bring power closer to the people, it is imperative we restrict the growth of a centralized federal government....States ought to have the power to determine which programs and measures would be most appropriate and fitting for them.
Fiscal Conservatism: In keeping with our desires for the greatest individual liberty, we support policies of limited taxation and government spending.
Strong National Defense: We believe the best way to preserve the peace and protect our national interests abroad comes through a strong national defense.
Individual Liberties and Responsibilities: Along with individual liberties come individual responsibilities and duties. Government must act to preserve freedom, while individuals must exercise their responsibilities to preserve order.
Tolerance, Inclusiveness, and Optimism: We believe in the right of fellow Republicans to disagree on certain matters of principle and policy. We believe in being an open and inclusive party respectful of different points of view. We are indeed a "big-tent" party that offers no "litmus tests" or barriers to entry.

The Republican Oath

I believe that the proper function of government is to do for the people those things that have to be done but cannot be done, or cannot be done as well by individuals, and that the most effective government is government closest to the people.

I believe that good government is based on the individual and that each person's ability, dignity, freedom and responsibility must be honored and recognized.

I believe that free enterprise and the encouragement of individual initiative and incentive have given this nation an economic system second to none.

I believe that sound money policy should be our goal.

I believe in equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, creed, age, sex or national origin. I believe that persons with disabilities should be afforded equal rights, equal justice and equal opportunity as well.

I believe we must retain those principles worth retaining, yet always be receptive to new ideas with an outlook broad enough to accommodate thoughtful change and varying points of view.

I believe that Americans value and should preserve their feeling of national strength and pride, and at the same time share with people everywhere a desire for peace and freedom and the extension of human rights throughout the world.

Finally, I believe that the Republican Party is the best vehicle for translating these ideals into positive and successful principles of government.

Carolyn Davis

Corresponding Secretary

Melody Heltman


Melody Heltman, Treasurer and Membership

Education:  University of Hawaii

Professional Life:  ​​Retired from being Executive Director, Henderson County Tourism Department
Twenty three years and first director of a newly created county Tourism Department. A wonderful career however loving retirement.

Judy Abrell, Vice President

Education:  ​Indiana University

Jennie McDonald, Recording Secretary


Professional Life:  Assistant to Sheriff Charles McDonald

District Attorney's Office Support Staff Supervisor · August 1989 to (  ), Hendersonville, North Carolina

Jennie McDonald

Recording Secretary

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